Delivery Service

To make an order for delivery Phone: 01709 588366
Delivery available Monday to Friday 9.00am to 2.30pm. Saturday 9.30 to 2pm. Sunday closed.

Our food is sourced from a wide range of diverse suppliers, in an attempt to bring you the best possible quality ingredients.
When you telephone your order in don’t forget to ask what offers we have on for that day and make sure your Coffee card is stamped and up to date.

Create your own sandwich on White or Brown Bloomer, Deli Wrap, (Panini, Bagel or Baguette +25p)
1 filling £3.00.   2 fillings £3.50   3 fillings £4.00

House Cheese, Cream Cheese, Stilton, Caramalised Onion & Cheddar, Goats Cheese, Smoked Cheese, Mozzarella, Brie.

Cold Meats
Honey Roast Ham, Pastrami, Chorizo, Salami, Poached Chicken ,Char Grilled Chicken.

Seafood add 50p for Prawns add £1.00
Poached Salmon, Smoked Salmon, Oak Roast Salmon, Tuna , Prawns.

Avocado, Sun Blushed Tomato, Red Onion Marmalade.

Add-ons (free)
Mayo, Lemon Mayo, Marie Rose Sauce, Salad Cream, Tomato Sauce, Brown Sauce, Salad Leaves, Tomato, peppers, cucumber, red onion.

Breakfast Menu
Create your own breakfast sandwich on White or Brown Bloomer, Deli Wrap, (Panini Bagel or Baguette +25p)
1 filling £3.00.   2 fillings £3.50   3 fillings £4.00
Bacon or Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato
Eggs Fried, Poached or Scrambled
Grilled Tomatoes, Mushrooms or Baked Beans

Daily Specials
Please check availability when ordering

Beef Casserole with Yorkshire Pudding £6.00
Bolognese/Chilli served with Rice or Pasta & Garlic Bread £6.00
Curry ( Chicken or Prawn) Served with Rice & Nan Bread £6.00
Idaho Potato Cake & Salad £5.50
Jacket potato with Cheese, Beans, Bolognese or Chilli £4.50
Jacket Potato with Tuna (Mayo) £5.00
Jacket Potato with Prawns £5.50
Beef Lasagne & Salad £5.50
Quiche (Check today’s selection) & Salad £5.00
Risotto & Garlic Bread £5.50
2 Slices of Garlic Bread 50p
Soup of the Day & Roll £3.25
(Check today’s Selection)

Cakes and Pastries
Please check availability when ordering
All tray bakes & Individual tarts £1.50
All Cakes (Chocolate, Coffee, Victoria sponge ) £2.00
Scone & Butter £1.25
Scone, Butter & Jam £1.50
Scone, Jam & Cream £2.00
Scone, Jam, Cream & Strawberries (Summer only) £2.50
Toasted Teacake £1.00

Salad Boxes
All served with salad leaves, tomato, peppers,
cucumber, red onion, grated carrot and a roll & butter
Crispy Bacon, Avocado & Tomato £5.00
Chicken Caesar with Anchovies £5.50
Feta, Olives & Tomato £5.00
Goats Cheese & Pan Fried Chorizo £6.00
Cheese (any type) £4.00
Poached Chicken £4.75
Honey Roast Ham £4.75
Salmon ( Poached, Smoked or Roast) £5.50
Prawn with Mayo or Marie Rose Sauce £6.00
Tuna ( with or without Mayo) £4.75
Salad Box (Small) £2.50
Salad Box (Large) £3.50

Tea 1.30
Earl Grey / Herbal / Fruit Teas £1.50
Single Espresso £1.50
Double Espresso £1.75
Single Americano £1.75
Double Americano £2.00
Single Cappuccino £1.75
Double Cappuccino £2.10
Single Latte £1.75
Double Latte £2.00
Mocha £2.10
Hot chocolate £2.00
Syrup Shot (any flavour) 50p
Orange Juice (Take-out Cup) £2.00
Bottled water (sparkling or still) £1.50
All Pop / Juices etc £1.50

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